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Terms and Conditions

Your Fearless Girl NFT is protected by trademark and cannot be used to promote a company.

NO BRANDING CLAUSE: The Artwork shall never be used, or authorized for use, as a logo or brand. The Artwork shall never be displayed on “branded” material, in any medium now know or hereafter devised, including without limitation any merchandise, products, or printed or electronic material, that features a trademark, service mark, trade name, tagline, logo, or other indicia identifying a person or entity except for Kristen Visbal or State Street Global Advisors or its affiliates. Your Fearless Girl NFT image or sculpture may not be used on behalf of any financial institution for commercial or corporate purpose. A maximum of 20 miniatures may be purchased to be used as awards for a financial. A Fearless Girl NFT or sculpture may not be used to promote a politician, political party, activist group or used for political purpose. The artwork may not be displayed or otherwise used in connection with gender diversity issues in corporate governance or the financial services sector.

PRODUCTION: The Fearless Girl NFT (the Artwork) is a product of Visbal Fine Bronze Sculpture, Inc. located at 17618 Vineyard Boulevard, Lewes, DE 19958 USA (VFBS). VFBS shall use the services of Kristen Visbal (Artist). All services shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances, codes, and regulations.

NFT DELIVERY: If you are using PayPal or a credit card to pay, please allow 48 hours for delivery of your digital NFT.

QUALITY: VFBS warrants the artwork will be of first-class quality and will warrant workmanship for one year after delivery.

NON-REFUNDABLE: Due to immediately delivery of an NFT and PayPal policy, your Fearless Girl NFT is final sale.

COPYRIGHT: The Artist represents that she is the exclusive author and copyright owner of the work of visual art known as Fearless Girl (the Artwork), and the artwork is registered with the library of congress. No copyright transfer with purchase.

INVESTMENT: VFBS does not warranty or imply financial return on your investment. It is our hope that your purchase will be profitable but, VFBS cannot speculate on the future value of your NFT.

If your NFT includes a Bronze Sculpture:

WARRANTY: Your cast bronze sculpture in warranted for casting and production defects for up to one year from delivery.

SHIPPING: Purchase includes $95 towards shipping. The remaining balance due will be invoiced on completion.

PRODUCTION TIME: Please allow 3 to 4 months. Castings are produced on a first come first serve basis.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Notification is the responsibility of the purchaser and should be sent to


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