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No Branding Clause

The Artwork shall never be used, or authorized for use, as a logo or brand. The Artwork shall never be displayed on “branded” material, in any medium now know or hereafter devised, including without limitation any merchandise, products, or printed or electronic material, that features a trademark, service mark, trade name, tagline, logo, or other indicia identifying a person or entity except for Kristen Visbal or State Street Global Advisors or its affiliates. Purchase for a financial institution: Your Fearless Girl NFT image or sculpture may not be used on behalf of any financial institution for commercial or corporate purpose. A maximum of 20 of the miniatures may be purchased to be used as award for a financial. Purchase for political parties, politicians, activists, or activist groups: Your Fearless Girl NFT or sculpture may not be used to promote a politician, political party, activist group or used for political purpose.