Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a different base?

No, bases have been ordered in bulk. They measure approximately 9″ W x 6½+” D x 1-1/8″ H and they have been cut from absolute black granite and have a ¼” decorative grooved edge. The groove minimizes any chipping at the edge and is very elegant.

Can I get a different finish?

Not at this point. In order to streamline production, all miniatures will be finished in the same manner. The work has been designed to mimic the Wall Street work in brown and butterscotch. However, the reproduction has more butterscotch tones. The butterscotch was chosen because it is beautiful, but also because bronze, by nature, likes to turn a black brown. This miniature is sealed with an outdoor sealer and two coats of wax which act as a barrier against the elements and retard the darkening process somewhat. A buyer CAN put it outside! Outside placement will require maintenance and instructions can be found at The wonderful thing is that bronze is a very low maintenance medium. Keeping the work free of dust and an annual wash if desired will suffice to preserve the brightest finish.

May I select my preferred edition number for my casting?

In order to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of edition numbers, we have programmed the system to assign the number at the time the order is placed. In this manner, assignment occurs on a first come, first serve basis as it should be and without favoritism. In addition, a limited edition of 1,000 is sizable. We needed a way to keep all of the edition numbers organized so that different agents are not booking the same casting number. That is why the computer generates the number. Remember, that this limited edition is the FIRST miniature reproduction of this historic work and, for that reason alone, she will be valuable. We hope you enjoy your Fearless Girl no matter what edition number you get. Be Fearless!

Why did it take so long to launch these reproductions?

The original mold was made by an inexperienced mold maker and wasn’t as efficient as we needed it to be for a clean cast. The Artist also made quite a few changes in wax which were not reflected in the original mold. It was necessary to apply for permitting to perform a preservation scan off the Wall Street work in order to maintain the integrity of the sculpture. That scan was performed at the end of June 2017, and we did not have a good mold until mid-August. A 3d print was ordered in September but, the Artist felt it was too small. She ordered a larger size and it arrived broken and had to be reordered! In order to fulfill these orders we need several molds off of the small 3d print. All of these issues have contributed to the delay. The Artist hopes to follow this up with an eventual children’s book.