Welcome to the non-profit area of the Fearless Girl site! The primary motivation for the site was to disseminate information as well as to highlight the activities of non-profits who support the gender diversity goals behind Fearless Girl. Here, you will find a few highlights of early activities with the sculpture. We look forward to the day when this work will be used on behalf of all of us.

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Masai girls of Kajiado County, Kenya assume the Fearless Girl pose.



Top Women’s Organizations

This is just a sampling of the many non-profit organizations working to impact gender inequality. If you are abused, your rights are obstructed, or you feel you have been unfairly treated, these organizations may be able to help you or you may elect to help them as a volunteer.

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Women’s Rights, Second Amendment Advocates Rally at Legislative Hall
Delaware Senate Passes Historic Equal Rights Amendment
Delaware Representative Valerie Longhurst

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of the sex of the person.”

March 28, 2018 — Legislative Hall, Dover, Delaware, USA. In an Equality Rally held at Legislative Hall in Dover, DE, Artist Kristen Visbal, at the behest of Democratic House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, joined legislators of the state in a call for Equality, the principal ideal behind the Fearless Girl figure. A resin of the Artwork stood as a symbol of the quest for gender equality. A push for the second amendment rights in the state of Delaware for greater equality at both the state and federal levels, the effort was part of a 100 year fight.

Fearless Girl continues to inspire legislators who understand the value of gender equality.



Website for Foundation for Gender Equality
Gender Equality: The State of Our Union
Presentation of Gender Equality Awards

Standing together to remove barriers to equality. Kristen Visbal was honored for her work on Fearless Girl at a luncheon hosted at the Harvard Club in New York by The Foundation For Gender Equality. Keynote speakers included Valerie Jarret, former Advisor to President Obama, Amy Ziering, documentary filmmaker, Nick Ferroni, educator, tech entrepreneur and activist Roya Mahboob and Emcee Scott Atwood of Access Hollywood.



May 18, 2017 — Celebrating Girls, Inc. Strong, Smart And Bold Awards. Girls joined in emulating the Fearless Girl pose at a joyous celebration empowering girls. September 16, 2021 marked 45 years of this annual event with a virtual celebration of the Atlanta, GA celebration.



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March 4, 2018 Newcastle County, Delaware USA — Each year, New Castle County “selects prominent women to honor and speak during a celebration that is designed to encourage young women to think outside the box when it comes to careers and opportunities that are out there for them.” The event was graced with dance and food and speeches by the honorees. A Fearless Girl resin made an appearance.



International Day of the Girl Child (Wikipedia)
International Day of the Girl 2021 — “Digital Generation. Our Generation.”
Join the Movement in 2021
My Voice, Our Equal Future

In the time since Fearless Girl was unveiled, few events have satisfied our goals for Fearless Girl as well as the International Day of the Girl Child event does. Well aligned with the diversity goals of education, equality and supporting women in leadership positions, the event draws awareness to the discrimination challenges young women face around the globe. The International Day of the Girl Child promotes education and empowerment and prepares young women ages 10 through 25 to enter the work force and to assume an integral part of the global society. In order to achieve a truly diverse society, we must first and foremost educate, not only the young girls of the world but, those with whom she interacts. In so doing, we will re-socialize our young, encouraging respect and teaching an appreciation of the benefits our differences bring.

Formally known as International Day of the Girl Child or International Day of the Girl, this UN sanctioned observance holiday is a youth led movement which had its’ debut in 2012. The brain child of Plan International, a children’s advocacy group with 75 global offices, Day of the Girl grew out of Plan’s Because I’m A Girl program and cultivates public awareness of gender inequality, the need for education, protection of legal rights, protection from discrimination, protection from violence against women and child marriage.

Girls are key in planning the event and are an integral part of deciding the event focus. Past themes include Ending Child Marriage, Innovating For Girls Education, and The Power Of Adolescent Girl. Since it’s inception, thousands celebrate the Day of the Girl through a variety of events held around the world such as London’s 2016 Women Of The World conference, Girls And Football South Africa and a UN sponsored concert in Mumbai, India.

Who’s Celebrating?

Global organizations participating in the Day of the Girl event:

If your organization is celebrating Day of the Girl and you are not listed here, please send an email to with your information.



Note in the video how men and women remain separated. The local official, at first untrusting, became the best of advocates!

Intent on speaking with the Masai girls on their “coming out” day, Kristen Visbal spoke to her tented camp safari director and was transported by truck with men armed with rifles to visit the local official. Twelve marks the age when a Masai girl is presented for marriage. These young girls are unaware that they have a choice and are not solely relegated to the traditional duties of tribeswomen. Initially met with distrust, the Artist was able to persuade the politician to allow her to speak to the girls and the man was instrumental as a translator to these young women only beginning to learn English. Part of the discussion included the Children’s Act of 2001. It is our hope that some young woman in this group will be curious enough to break out of the system that holds them back to become professionals intent on returning to their tribes laden with information.

Children’s Act of 2001

Safeguards for the rights and welfare of children.
Every child is entitled to free and compulsory education and non-discrimination.



Mid-Atlantic Ballet Performances

MAB means “mind, art, body.” Founded in 1997, MAB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the minds and bodies of its students as well as promoting dance as an art form. In October 2017, the Mid-Atlantic Ballet of Delaware celebrated their 20 year anniversary with a ballet created around the figure. Ballet students created drawings of what it meant to be fearless and a Fearless Girl resin made an appearance.

Mid-Atlantic Ballet Fearless 5K

March 13, 2018. Runners ran to inspire the arts with proceeds donated to MAB.

“MAB is firmly committed to inspiring, developing and supporting the Minds, the Art and the Bodies of Fearless Dancers across our region.” A community run to benefit the MAB dancers.


Plan International Celebrates Day of the Girl 2017

Fearless Girl & International Day of the Girl Child 2017

In October 2017, at the invitation of Plan International’s Global Office, Kristen Visbal and a resin of Fearless Girl joined Girl advocates in Paris for the global celebration of International Day of the Girl Child. The event included a mentoring session, panel discussion, camaraderie and song amongst the Girl Ambassadors of several countries. As host to the first in a series of annual summits, Paris enriched the well-being and tenacity of the participating girl ambassadors, narrowing the gap between what is possible for girls and what they are allowed to be. Leadership was the focus at a series of events held at the famous 4th district Hotel de Ville on October 11th. 400 global leaders from government, business, sport, entertainment and media gathered to support girls’ leadership.

Plan raised awareness for the International Day Of The Girl Child initiative through the Canadian Federal Government and Canada proposed the Day of the Girl holiday to the United Nations as a resolution to the initiative of raising awareness for gender discrimination. The resolution was passed on December 19, 2011 and October 11th was established as the observance day. The resolution states that the Day of the Girl recognizes: “empowerment of and investment in girls, which are critical for economic growth, the achievement of all Millennium Development Goals, including the eradication of poverty and extreme poverty, as well as the meaningful participation of girls in decisions that affect them, are key in breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence and in promoting and protecting the full and effective enjoyment of their human rights, and recognizing also that empowering girls requires their active participation in decision-making processes and the active support and engagement of their parents, legal guardians, families and care providers, as well as boys and men and the wider community”.

In observance of the holiday each year, Plan International launches a global Girls Takeover allowing girls to assume the role of presidents, mayors, head teachers, business leaders and others in order to promote girls in leadership and to systematically tear down the social injustices which prevent women from leading. Equal opportunities for girls, leading to collaboration between men and women, the next step in our global evolution.

A resin of Fearless Girl was in attendance at the 2017 Plan International Paris event.

For more information about Day of the Girl, the global supporters for the event and Artist advocacy of the event, please use the following links:

Join the Movement in 2021
About Day of the Girl
I Stand for Girls



ReachingU, a Foundation for Uruguay, is a non-profit organization that works to improve education in public and private schools in Uruguay. ReachingU mobilizes resources from private donors and businesses to fund innovative educational programs that benefit the most vulnerable children. Los Rosales School is a full-time, bilingual (Spanish-English) girls’ school located in Casavalle neighborhood, Montevideo that has implemented the Singapore Math Learning Method and an innovative socio-emotional learning program with 80 elementary school girls from extremely poor households. This video nearly brought me to tears. What does Fearless Girl mean to YOU? Enjoy!

By making a tax-deductible donation to ReachingU, you can help provide access to quality education to the Fearless Girls of Casavalle.

The Artist Visits Los Rosales School For Girls

In June, 2019, the Artist visited the Los Rosales School in Uruguay and had the great pleasure of meeting these bright and beautiful girls. The students had drawn pictures of what being “Fearless” meant to them.



Website for Room to Read

May 11, 2017. Fighting for literacy and gender equality in education, Room To Read held a gala and awards ceremony at the High Line Hotel, New York in honor of two New Yorkers who significantly impacted education for underprivileged children. These two individuals received a signed print of Fearless Girl and, though the Artist was unable to attend, Fearless Girl contributed! The honorees were Sean P. Diddy Combs, artist and David Solomon, President and COO of Goldman Sachs.

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, artist and entrepreneur, for his commitment to world change through education.

David Solomon, President and Co-COO of Goldman Sachs, for Goldman Sachs’ transformational impact on literacy and girls’ education.

David M. Solomon, Goldman Sachs
See Inside the Epic Manhattan Party Honoring Goldman Sachs and Diddy



Educating through virtual means, Artist Kristen Visbal appears on a screen before the students in this innovative virtual program.

Website for Project Equality
Fearless Girl Starts Down Wall Street’s Iconic Charging Bull Statue

Founded by Dr. Todd Brown, the Inspire Project has established “pathways” to education which include Project Equality, Project Earth, Project Human, and Project Health. Educational organizations can sign up to have their students virtually interact with speakers in each field of expertise. As Ambassador to the United Nations , Dr. Brown is well positioned to select and advocate for all of these initiatives. Selected as a speaker for Equality, Kristen Visbal greatly enjoyed this intimate virtual opportunity to informally impact the minds of our children. The Artist feels strongly that re-socializing and opening the eyes of our children is the most rapid path to gender parity. Dr. Brown enjoys status as a U.S. Congressional Teacher Of The Year, amongst numerous other awards.



Our non-profit segment would not be complete without sharing the charming cake presented during a visit to Boston at a welcome party hosted by Urbanity Dance Board members. Committed to empowering through dance, Urbanity hosts 90 classes a week for over 500 students (and they sure make a great cake!). A beautiful way to empower. Thank you!



A woman poses Fearless Girl style.

About Women’s March Foundation

January 19, 2019. A resin of Fearless Girl and the Artist appeared at the third annual Women’s March For Equality in Los Angeles, California. Post march, the resin was removed to the West Hollywood Library where it was exhibited.

Excerpt from the Artist’s speech: “The pendulum has finally swung in favor of women. Gender diversity studies validate women on the job in a way they’ve NEVER been validated before. These studies irrefutably prove that cognitive diversity through mixed gender produces superior work environments and better, more profitable decisions. The Brainscape study found over 100 neurological differences in response to stress between men and women. Each sex brings unique gender traits to problem solving. As it turns out, our genetic proclivities perfectly balance one another.”



Above: Vice President Gabriela Michetti And Kristen Visbal discuss the Equality ideals behind Fearless Girl. Kristen Visbal delivers her speech translated into Spanish by her hosts. A trip to Buenos Aires was not complete without a trip to the MALBA Museum where young women lined up Fearless Girl style.

On June 26, 2019, Noticias Magazine hosted the event Mujeres Que Inspiran, Women Who Inspire, at the Sheraton Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kristen Visbal attended and, with the help of her hosts, translated her speech and did her best to deliver it in Spanish with some coaching. She was joined by a number of inspiring women who told their stories, the highlights included the story of Eugenia Unger, a 92 years old survivor of the Holocaust, and a speech by Vice President Michetti, lending testimony to the importance of the empowerment of women in Argentina. After the event, Ms. Visbal discussed gender collaboration with VP Gabriela Michetti under the Mauricio Macri administration. Michetti was Vice President from 2015-2019.