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Please review the terms and conditions, note consent by placing your signature and fill out the form below to purchase a Fearless Girl reproduction in bronze. For complete specifications on the sculpture, please see the Reproductions page.


Terms and Conditions

You must read and consent to the terms and conditions before purchase.

Fearless Girl Cast Bronze Miniature Reproduction: 22+ High

The Original Fearless Girl Sculpture: Created in 2017 in celebration of women and installed for International Women’s Day, the figure stands in support of women in leadership positions, empowerment of young women, women’s education, gender equality, the reduction of prejudice in the work place through education, equal pay for women, and the general well-being of women. The first casting was placed by State Street Global Advisors. To preserve the integrity of the Artwork and the Artist’s gender equality goals, certain uses of the statuette are not permitted.

Production: The Fearless Girl 22+ inch miniature reproduction (the “Artwork”) is a product of Visbal Fine Bronze Sculpture, Inc. located at 17618 Vineyard Lane Lewes, DE 19958 USA (“VFBS”). VFBS shall use the services of Kristen Visbal (“Artist”). All services shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances, codes and regulations.

Quality: VFBS warrants the Artwork will be of first class quality and cast in bronze using the Lost Wax casting method. The Artwork has been created from a 3D preservation scan taken directly from the full-scale Wall Street work entitled Fearless Girl currently located in front of the New York Stock Exchange, New York, NY USA.
Production of each casting is completed on a first come, first serve basis. Your deposit reserves the lowest available casting number. Every effort will be made to produce your casting as quickly as possible. Be advised that production has averaged 3 to 4 months. Two additional foundries will commence production in order to reduce production time. Please be patient.

Purchase: You agree to purchase the Artwork in two payments as follows:

  • A 60% deposit reserves your casting number.
  • The final payment of 40% of the purchase price includes packing and continental U.S. shipping. International buyers will incur additional delivery charges. Please see Shipping below.
    Payment Policy:
  • Invoices are due within 30 days of receipt.
  • If payment is not received within 90 days of the final invoice your casting will be released to another buyer and your initial deposit forfeited.

Delivery Date: The production of your sculpture will commence when the order is placed. The estimated production time for this sculpture is three to four months. It is understood that this is the intended delivery date and that delivery by this date or earlier will depend on the volume of orders received. The buyer will receive notification via email when their sculpture has been completed and the email will contain a link for final payment.

Shipping: The purchase price includes shipping to the continental United States. For shipments delivered to Hawaii, Alaska and abroad, a $95 allowance towards shipping will be deducted from your total shipping charge.

Warranty: Your cast bronze sculpture is warranted for casting and production defects for up to one year after delivery.


  • All cancellations received will incur a non-refundable and variable PayPal Reversal Fee (currently set at $116.01).
  • Cancellations received within 72 hours of order placement will be refunded at 100% of the initial deposit less the PayPal Reversal Fee.
  • Cancellations occurring within 72 hours to 14 days will be refunded at 50% of the initial deposit less the PayPal Reversal Fee.
  • Cancellation is not permitted beyond 14 days from the purchase date and no deposit will be returned or credited after that date.

Copyright: The Artist represents that she is the exclusive author and copyright owner of the work of visual art known as Fearless Girl (the “Artwork”), and that the Artwork is registered with the Library of Congress. No copyright transfers with any purchase of the Artwork and you are only acquiring the physical object. You are not permitted to create any reproductions, either three dimensional or two dimensional. Photographs of the Artwork may be used for personal use only. Any other use of the Artwork requires Artist’s prior written consent.

Exhibition: If you elect to publicly exhibit the work, attribution shall be given as follows: Fearless Girl by Kristen Visbal. Attribution shall be placed in plain view and within 10 feet of the Artwork. The Artwork may not be displayed or otherwise used in connection with gender diversity issues in corporate governance or the financial services sector.

No Branding: The Artwork shall never be used, or authorized for use, as a logo or brand. The Artwork shall never be displayed on “branded” material, in any medium now known or hereafter devised, including without limitation any merchandise, products, or printed or electronic material, that features a trademark, service mark, trade name, tagline, logo, or other indicia identifying a person or entity except for Kristen Visbal or State Street Global Advisors or its affiliates.

Purchase For A Financial Institution: Your Fearless Girl sculpture may not be purchased or used on behalf of any financial institution for any commercial or corporate purpose. The only exception to this is that a financial institution may purchase up to twenty sculptures to be given as personal gifts to employees.

Purchase for Political Parties, Politicians, Activists, or Activist Groups: Your Fearless Girl sculpture may not be purchased by or on behalf of a political party, politician, activist, or activist group for political purpose. Political parties or activist groups may purchase up to a maximum of 5 Fearless Girl sculptures, but we do require that these be used for personal use only.


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Important Notes

  • Purchase price: $6,650, tax inclusive
  • Next available casting: 206
  • Dimensions of bronze: 22¼” Tall x 10¼” Wide x 7¼” Deep
  • Sculpture is mounted on Absolute Black Granite, 23 x 17 x 3 centimeters
  • Sculpture is finished in Butterscotch Brown
  • Limited edition of 1,000
  • All castings will be signed, numbered and packaged in a gloss finish box lined with black flocking
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist included
  • A deposit of 60% is due at the time of order
  • The balance of 40% plus shipping is due when your casting is complete
  • Shipping within the continental United States is included in the purchase price
  • Shipping outside the continental United States will be quoted prior to shipment
  • A $95 shipping allowance will be applied to your shipping total on all international shipments as well as shipments to Hawaii and Alaska
  • Approximate shipping weight including packaging: 45 pounds
  • Production is completed on a first come, first serve basis. Your deposit reserves the lowest available casting number. Every effort will be made to produce your casting as quickly as possible. Be advised that production has averaged 3 to 4 months. Two additional foundries will commence production in order to reduce production time. Please be patient.
  • Your sculpture is guaranteed for workmanship up to one year after delivery
  • Cancellations received within 72 hours of the time the order is placed will be refunded at 100%. For cancellations received after 72 hours and before 14 days, there will be a 50% cancellation fee assessed against the deposit. After two weeks, all sales are final with no refunds or credits.
  • Change of address is the responsibility of the purchaser and can be changed through the website. You will receive your invoice with a link to pay. Click on the payment link and your address will be directed to a new screen where you can see the shipping address. The address is editable and can be changed.

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You must read and consent to the terms and conditions above before purchase.

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